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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Droom History, India’s first National Repository for used vehicles!

In a move that once again underlines its pioneering status in the country’s automobile industry, Droom, India’s pioneering online automobile transactional marketplace, has announced the launch of Droom History. Droom History is an unbiased report which curates historical data available through various authorised data providers to delivering-depth information about a vehicle’s background. Generated using Droom’s proprietary technology, the report will address issues related with a vehicle’s safety, trust, and value.
Speaking on the launch, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Droom, said, “Unlike USA and Western Europe, India is a low trust market, especially for used automobiles. Many aspects of a pre-owned vehicle, such as ownership history, title dispute, and vehicle-related issues, are non-reliable. This is largely due to the unavailability of verified information about a pre-owned vehicle. With Droom History, we are making India’s largest information repository for used vehicles. By providing a report onvital vehicle-related information to a prospective buyer within minutes, we aim to foster greater trust and transparency in the used automobile segment.”
Somendra S. Rathore, Senior Director, Product and Technology, Droom, added, “The used vehicle market in India often faces issues such as low transparency and a distinct lack of trust between buyers and sellers. The process of generating the Droom History report for a vehicle will be fairly simple. All a user will have to do is enter the vehicle’s VIN or registration number and check for the availability of the report. If the vehicle report is available in Droom’s database, users can make an online payment to get the report sent to their registered email address within half an hour. The information can then be leveraged by users to make better purchases, ensuring the security of their investment and offering them peace of mind while purchasing a used vehicle.

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