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Friday, 18 December 2015

Working tirelessly and continuously offering relief aid

When natural disasters such as floods strikes, guardian angels emerge from nowhere. One such angel is Sheeja of Yora Dora Foundation based at Padikuppam, Anna Nagar. She has been working tirelessly in identifying worst hit spots and offering relief aid to many areas in Chennai city continuously for the past weeks. The humanitarian community is tightly knit than most during disasters as these, and personal referrals can be hugely beneficial. So any likeminded person reading this can kindly contact Sheeja and serve the needy and helpless. She had distributed blankets, sarees, kidwear, biscuits, soaps and many more basic requirement products to the flood hit areas of Chennai city. During the distribution of food packets all that she could notice was desperation in the eyes of the displaced and hungry people. And so her kind suggestion for individuals who can’t really do one-on-one service after disasters is that, the best way they can help is generally to donate money to effective and efficient charities that have an established presence on the ground. Given her passion for service Yora Dora foundation is a name that’s going to prove its worth and make its presence felt to people in need.

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