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Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Blink Foundation empowers children with learning difficulties like Dyslexia

 Blink Foundation is a not for profit foundation that works towards raising awareness and focuses on early screening of children with Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) like Dyslexia. By galvanizing parents, teachers, communities and society to break the stigma and myths around SLD, we aim to identify children with SLD early, thereby giving them a shot at a better academic future.

Blink Foundation is an organisation that works to empower children who are Different Learners or with learning difficulties like Dyslexia. The organization devises solutions that improve their academic performance by bringing together key change-makers and designing programs to hone their passion, ability, and skills.

Arun Fernandez is the Founder Director of Blink Foundation and Co- Founder of DLearners which works for children with specific learning disabilities (SLD) like Dyslexia. Being a dyslexic himself he had started Blink Foundation to support such children.

According to Arun, DLearners is an initiative working for children with Dyslexia. Blink Foundation provides support from identification using an online platform. The foundation has a screening App which helps identify children with learning difficulties, he adds.

 Children with Dyslexia and other forms of learning difficulties require support. For these “Different Learners’, technology can offer varied learning approaches, aiding their academic performance. 3R (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetics) is an Ed-tech company that works to offer innovative, tech-based content to children with learning difficulties like Dyslexia

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